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Best Espresso Machine Under 1000

best espresso machine under 1000We have selected the best espresso machine under 1000 range in the 2016 espresso market and we can simply say pay more – have more features, we have seen the espresso machines under the range of  $500 in our previous post. Although they fit best in the 500 budget but they were not having some of the important features like a grinder and many more accessories. Now stay calm as you are going to have all those missing features if you are going to $ 1000 range category. These machines are quite similar to those commercially used espresso machines in terms of quality and use. Not taking your precious time anymore, let’s have a look at these fully feature loaded espresso machines.

Best Espresso Machine under 1000 – For 2016

  • DeLonghi ECAM - 22110 SB
  • Rated 4.1
  • 15 Bar Pressure
  • Super Automatic Machine
  • Price $750 - $800
  • Rancilio Silvia
  • Rated 4.2
  • 15 Bar Pressure
  • Semi Automatic Machine
  • Price $ 680 - $750
  • Breville BES- 860 XL
  • Rated 4.5
  • 15 Bar Pressure
  • Semi Automatic Machine
  • Price $ 600 - $650

#1. DeLonghi ECAM22110 SB Compact Automatic Cappuccino, Latte, and Espresso Machine

The best thing about the DeLonghi ECAM22110SB is that it is fully automated; with a press of a button, you will be having your perfect coffee drink with you. A number of coffee drinks can be made with this versatile espresso machine such as espresso, cappuccino, latte. And all this becomes an easy task with its compact and slim design. The one thing that made us think for another machine is the small water reservoir and smaller space for beans as it has compact designed.

  • Compact Size – It measures just 9.4” x 17” x 13.8”.
  • Fully Automatic Espresso Machine- means no more hustle.
  • Built-in Water Filtration System- You can use the water from the direct tap supply, rest water filtration will handle all for the great cup of coffee.
  • Extract Fuller Flavour With Aroma Button- Gives great aroma to coffee.
  • Patented Cappuccino System Frother- Creates rich creamy froth- With its patented technology, DeLonghi is designed for a rich and creamy froth for you every time.
  • With Energy saving feature – save up to 75% Energy – With the energy saving feature, machine saves up to 75% energy consumption by switching off the machine after inactivity of 4 hrs.
  • Easy to clean- the DeLonghi Compact Automatic Espresso Machine is easy to clean as the parts can easily be disassembled.


Summary: This Small DeLonghi is a compact and affordable machine in the super automatic espresso machine category. With a variety of features, one can easily make a number of coffee drinks the way you like. The machine is easy to clean and you can make great froth with its milk frother. Although the size of the water reservoir is a bit disappointing in size but looking at all features, this machine is great to have at home.

#2. Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine, Iron Frame, and Stainless Steel Side Panels

Rancilio Silvia is one of the most popular and classic machines in semi-automatic espresso machine category. Its brass fixtures three thermostats make sure that heat is evenly spread. Professional considers Rancilio as the best machine available under $1000 as single boiler espresso.

Rancilio HSD-SILVIA Silvia Espresso Machine is one of the best espresso machines in the budget range of $ 1000  and is listed as best Super automatic espresso machine as it can be used at both smaller scale and also for commercial use. This machine is loaded with a number of features, the reason why this machine is widely used in coffee shops. It will look great in your kitchen; its stainless steel side panels are stylish and durable.

This fully featured machine ensures that the heat generated while the brewing process remains even to achieve full extraction from the beans.

Features :

  • Excellent Heat stability with the Commercial grade group head .
  • Complete range of motion with Articulating steam wand and specialized steaming knob
  • Pod and capsule adaptor kit are available as optional feature.
  • Measures 9.2” x 11.4” x 13.3” inches
  • Weighing 34 lbs
  • Patented 58 mm ergonomic portafilter, makes full extraction possible.

Its articulating steam wand makes sure that the milk is heated quickly and also allows  you to control over foam so that one can easily switch between a latte and other coffee drinks. With the full extraction by its ergonomic portafilter, you will be having a best aromatic shot of espresso every time.

#3. Breville BES860XL Barista Express Espresso Machine with Grinder

The body of this Breville Express is itself a beauty, where high-grade aluminum and zinc are used for the head and controls. Not just that the die cast construction used gives this machine an ultimate durability and awesome refined finish. It’s grinding system gets activated by simple one touch and comes with auto stop feature. The tamper comes with magnetized lock, which allows you to tamp easily as per your preference. The large clearance space allows the user to have larger cups that can be travel mugs for the making of other drinks such as cappuccino, latte, and Americano.
you can have your favorite coffee drink of required amount every time with its two programmable buttons, just set them once as per your need. Have the maximum froth with its stainless steel steam wand. Talking about the temperature, 204°F is maintained during the extraction and 250°F during the steaming process.

  • Stainless steel conical burr grinder
  • 15 bar Italian pump pressure
  • Thermocoil heating system -1450W stainless steel
  • Adjustable grind size
  • Re-programmable shot volumes and preset function
  • Huge water tank capacity- 67 oz.Some cons are there- it takes a long time to froth the milk, nearly 2 min time. Another thing, the water tank indicator is on the back side which is not so convenient to check water level each time.


We gathered reviews from the customers and espresso professionals of United States, to sum up, the best machines for 2016. Our team has personally worked with these machines, to know the cons and pros so be confident to go for these, select the once that fulfill your personal needs and budget. Hope you liked our article, for the best espresso machine with a budget of $200 check  under 200 categories.

Take your time and research for the best espresso machine under 1000 and as we say be your own espresso expert.

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